We’ve been involved with online technology since the very beginning of the internet in the late 1980’s.  And we KNOW this proximity marketing technology is going to be huge.  You have the opportunity to get in early, before your competitors know about it.

Don’t you ever wish you had been the first business in your area to get a website?  Or the first to recognise how important Facebook or Twitter would be?  And we won’t even mention BitCoin 😉

What you need to know NOW is that proximity marketing is going to be huge in the next few years.  Very soon, businesses near you are going to have queues out their door of people who were walking past and decided to pop in.  Why?  Because they saw a notification on their phone telling them about a great deal, that they can get immediately.

And local contractors and on-site service providers are going to be able to greatly increase their local client base, by advertising directly to the neighbours while they are on the job.  They will DOMINATE in the local area for their service.

You know you need this.  Get started now.  What are you waiting for?  Click here for our Managed Bluetooth Beacons.  Or, if you know what you are doing with the tech stuff and want to get started ASAP without our advice and help, click here to order direct from our supplier.

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